Changing billing cycle of service

If you want to change the billing cycle for an existing service, you can just order a new service and eventually add a note in the checkout page to make it clear what is the new order for. By default we assume that new orders for longer billing cycles (e.g. changing from monthly to yearly) are made to extend the existing service, so we make the change to the service keeping the same VPN credentials unchanged.

The remaining subscription time of an active account will be added to the new billinc cycle. For example, if you have an account which is billed on a month-to-month basis and there are 2 weeks left until the next billing cycle and you decide to upgrade to yearly cycle, the service will be valid for 1 year plus 2 weeks. Existing invoices are cancelled when the billing cycle is changed. 

Please note that the changes to existing services are made manually, so it may take a while (usually less than 24hrs) until we make the changes. An email notification will be sent when the billing cycle is changed.

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